Kenstar Oxy Fryer Review

The first thing that attracts you about Kenstar air fryer is its bright red hue. It definitely will be the centre of attraction of any kitchen. But it’s not just aesthetics that is great about Kenstar air fryer, it keeps its promise of delivering healthy, tasty fried food too. Through this review of Kenstar air fryer, we will take a look at its features, pros, cons, benefits and general complaints.

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Why we love it?

  • Design
    Kenstar oxy fryer is definitely one of the most beautiful air fryers available in the market. It’s bright red Color and elegant design make it the focal point in any kitchen. Along with the aesthetics, the company has taken care of its functionality too. The cord length of Kenstar air fryer is 1.2 metre, which is higher than most other air fryers which has cord length of 90cm. This is especially important if your kitchen doesn’t have power socket in every counter top.
    kenstar oxy fryer review
  • Capacity
    Kenstar oxy fryer has a capacity of 3 litres. This is higher than many other brands like the Philips Viva range, Prestige and Pigeon Super AF2.2 which has capacity of 2.2 litres. If you think whether it makes a huge difference, well, it does. With 3 litre capacity, you can comfortably cook for 3-4 people as a single batch, whereas that is not possible with 2.2 litre capacity.
  • Budget friendly
    Compared to the likes of Philips and Tefal, Kenstar Oxy fryer is much friendlier on your pockets ( when you buy online). The product durability is also fairly good, making it one of the best Airfryers presently available in the market.


  • App and YouTube recipe videos
    Being a relatively new appliance in the market, consumers are likely to require an elaborate manual and recipes to guide till you get accustomed to the product. Kenstar oxy fryer not only provides an elaborate recipe book along with the product, they also have an app to guide you and plenty of YouTube recipe videos to help you make healthy delicacies with the air fryer.
  • Portable
    Well, is portability so important for an air fryer? Well, if you want to prepare evening snacks without having to miss your favourite Sunday evening movie, then, may be you have to consider portability. Kenstar oxy fryer weighs just 4.9 kg, has a handle to take it around and a longer cord length which helps you to operate the appliance anywhere in your home.
    kenstar oxy fryer review


  • 1 year warranty
    Most air fryers come with 2 year warranty. But Kenstar Oxy fryer has only 1 year warranty. Though Kenstar products are durable, lack of an extended warranty is definitely a disadvantage compared to the competing products.
  • Lack of accessories
    Kenstar doesn’t provide accessories like food seperator, grill rack or baking tin especially for air fryer. The company suggests any stainless steel tin or silicone ware can be used in the oxy fryer.

General complaints and possible solutions

Complaints that Kenstar Oxy fryer has are the ones specific to air fryers in general. They are-
  • Food drying out
    Food usually gets dehydrated when you apply too less oil on the food  or when you cook it for too long. Fish and meat has natural fat and hence the only reason why it loses moisture is because of over cooking. For fries, you will have to apply enough oil to ensure that they come out crispy on the outside and soft and tender inside. (Please note that applying too much oil will make the food lose its crispness too.)
    Till you get a hang of it, keep a constant watch on the food you put in the air fryer to prevent burning and over cooking.
    kenstar oxy fryer review
  • Uneven cooking
    In order to ensure even cooking of food, shake the basket frequently.  Air fryers are not as hands-off as the companies claim.
    Also, do not stuff the basket with too much food. The hot air has to pass and circulate through the food. So, try to cook at a time food of quantity 20-30% less than the mentioned capacity so that it is evenly cooked.

General Care-

Kenstar oxy fryer is fairly easy to maintain. After cooking, clean any food remains in the basket and the pan. Then, soak the basket and pan in warm soap water for at least 30 minutes before you scrub it with a non-abrasive scrub or sponge.
kenstar oxy fryer review

Value for money

Kenstar oxy fryer is available at online stores for around 30-45% discount from the MRP. At the discounted rates, it is definitely a pocket friendly appliance for healthy frying of food. Generally, the product is complaint-free too.

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