Pigeon Air Fryer Review

Pigeon air fryer is one of the best economic air fryers available in the market today. Just like every other air fryers, Pigeon also has a cooking chamber with a heating element. Super heated air is circulated through the cooking chamber to evenly cook the food ( same as Philip’s patented rapid air technology).

In this review,  we will go through the features, pros and cons, general complaints and its solutions.

Why we love it?

  • Useful Features
    Useful features of Pigeon Air fryer includes auto cut off, 30 minute timer, temperature control between 80 to 200 degree Celsius.
  • Versatile
    Just like every other air fryer, you can make a variety of healthy food and snacks in Pigeon air fryer. The company claims it to be especially suitable for Indian food. However, to make that possible, it doesn’t seem to have any special features that no other air fryer has.
    Pigeon Air Fryer Review
  • Healthy
    The USP of air fryer is oil-less cooking. Pigeon delivers on this promise spot on. As all dishes can be cooked with one Tbsp. Oil or less, the end results are tasty and healthy food
  • Economical
    This seems to be the main point of attraction of Pigeon Air Fryers. The MRP of pigeon air fryer is almost half that of Philips. This makes it a deal impossible to resist.


  • Higher capacity
    Pigeon air fryers have a fairly good capacity. They have two models- one has capacity of 2.2 l and the other has capacity of 3.2 l. Weight wise that would be 800gm and 1200gm respectively. Philips HD9220 on the other hand has a capacity of 2.2 litre.
  • Lower power consumption
    Pigeon Super AF2.2 consumes power of 1350 W, which is lower compared to Philips HD9220.
    Pigeon’s air fryer with 3.2 litre capacity consumes 1500 W.
    Compared to other brands available in the market, Pigeon has the most energy-efficient air fryers.


  • No recipe book
    When using a new appliance like air fryers, a detailed manual and recipe book is quite necessary to guide a user. But unfortunately, Pigeon doesn’t provide a recipe book. Their manual is not as detailed as Philips. The only saving grace is that the range of temperature setting for different types of food is mentioned in it.
    Pigeon Air Fryer Review
  • Brand reputation
    Pigeon in general has a brand image of not producing durable products. Though price wise they are dearth cheap, it is often at the price of durability. A number of reviews online suggest that the plastic handle is not as sturdy as needed.
  • No pan in certain versions
    The pigeon air fryer we used had a pan and attached basket to place the food for cooking. However, when we went through a few videos of product un-boxing, we could find that they did not have a pan. In such cases, aluminium foil will have to be lined at the bottom of the device for easy cleaning. Also, special care will have to be taken while taking the basket out after cooking as excess fat could drip from the basket on your counter top or even your hands.
  • Lack of accessories
    Philips, being pioneers in air fryers, sell a number of accessories suitable for its air fryers. However, most of the other companies like Pigeon are not specialised in well go air fryers and hence do not sell accessories like baking pan, food separator etc.

General Complaints And Possible Solutions

As it is low on price, expectations are also minimal.  However, common problems reported through reviews on shopping sites are-
  • Food drying out
    Food usually gets dehydrated when you apply too less oil on the food  or when you cook it for too long. Fish and meat has natural fat and hence the only reason why it loses moisture is because of over cooking. For fries, you will have to apply enough oil to ensure that they come out crispy on the outside and soft and tender inside. (Please note that applying too much oil will make the food lose its crispness too.)
    Till you get a hang of it, keep a constant watch on the food you put in the air fryer to prevent burning and over cooking.
    Pigeon Air Fryer Review
  • Durability of handle
    Certain reviews suggest that the handle of the air fryer is not quite durable. In order to prevent any troubles, do not put more food than the mentioned capacity.
  • Uneven cooking
    In order to ensure even cooking of food, shake the basket frequently.  Air fryers are not as hands-off as the companies claim.
    Also, do not stuff the basket with too much food. The hot air has to pass and circulate through the food. So, try to cook at a time food of quantity 20-30% less than the mentioned capacity so that it is evenly cooked.

Value For Money

Considering that you can buy two Pigeon air fryers at the cost of one Philips air fryer, Pigeon is definitely pocket friendly when you buy online. But given the price, do not expect the same quality and durability as that of Philips. If you are on a tight budget, Pigeon is definitely a good choice. But if quality and durability is your priority, go for Philips.

General Care

Pigeon air fryer is fairly simple to clean and maintain. After use, soak the pan and the basket in hot soap water for half and hour and then scrub with a non-abrasive brush to clean the basket and pan.
Pigeon Air Fryer Review
For pan-less version of air fryer, keep aluminium foil beneath the basket to collect the excess oil and food particles that may drop underneath. Forget that and you will have to spend your next half an hour after cooking for scrubbing and cleaning the air fryer.
Note- Pigeon air fryers come in two model- Pigeon Super 2.2L with capacity of 2.2 litre and Pigeon Super3.2 of capacity 3.2 litres. The power consumption of these models are 1350W and 1500W respectively. Other than the higher capacity, there are no other difference between these two models. As Pigeon Super 3.2litre has a higher capacity, it is advisable to invest in it instead of Pigeon Super 2.2L.
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