Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer Review

Prestige is one of the most trusted brands in India. Their products are definitely of better quality compared to its domestic competitors and that is the reason why Prestige was adjudged as one of the most trusted brands in India in 2015.

Now, coming to their air fryers, Prestige presently has two models of air fryers- Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer and Prestige PAF 2.0 2.2 L Air Fryer. Both are definitely great in terms of performance and features, but Prestige PAF 1.0 wins hands down for its superior features compared to the rest of the competitors.

In this review of Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer, we will discuss about its pros, cons, why it is amazing, general complaints and maintenance.

Why We Love It?

  • Digital Display
    While all other air fryers in this price range have knobs to control the timer and temperature, Prestige Air Fryer has a digital display and touch responsive panel to adjust the timer and temperature. Through this control panel, you can also choose the preset menus for cooking fries, meat and fish.
    Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer Review
    • Free accessories
      While buying Prestige PAF 1.0 Air fryer, you get along with it a cake baking tin and a food separator. No other air fryer in the market gives free cooking accessories along with it. When you think about it, these accessories are pretty essential to make the maximum out of an air fryer. While a food separator saves time and helps cook two different varieties of food at the same time, a baking tin is necessary for making cake and muffins in it.
    • Advanced Features
      Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer has advanced features compared to the rest of air fryers in this price range. The temperature setting ranges from 60 to 200C, whereas most air fryers have a range of 80-200C. The in-built digital timer can be set for up to 60 minutes, unlike the rest of air fryers which can be set up till 30 minutes. The Prestige Air Fryer also has preset menus that automate the cooking process.


  • Budget Friendly
    Considering the value of the product, that is the features of Prestige PAF 1.0 and the additional accessories that come along (which would cost around Rs. 2000 when bought separately), it is definitely a budget friendly option.
  • Portable
    Prestige Air Fryer weighs around 6 kg. It has a study carry handle and the cord length is 1.5 meter, making it a great portable appliance. So, now you do not have to miss your favourite show for preparing delicious crunchy evening snacks!
    Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer Review


  • Inner paint flaking off
    One of the complaints seen in reviews in major shopping sites is that the paint of the inner cooking chamber of the air fryer is flaking off. It is true that it is not found in every device, however, even if its rare, such incidence can render the product useless. (We checked with 3 of our acquaintances who have been using Prestige Air Fryer for a period ranging from 4 months to 1 year, none reported such an issue.)
  • One Year Warranty
    Most of the air fryers available in the market comes with 2-year warranty. Considering that, the one-year warranty that Prestige offers is definitely a negative. However, as Prestige has a number of service centers across the country, so getting your air fryer repaired in case of a defect is easy.

General Complaints And Possible Solutions

Complaints mentioned below are not specific to Prestige Air fryer, but rather general complaints about air fryers. Wherever possible, solutions to avoid the problem are also mentioned.

  • Unable to cook beyond fries
    A general complaint usually seen on shopping site reviews is that the device cannot be used for cooking anything beyond fries. But that is not quite true. For the initial uses, you will have to keep a close watch on the food inside the air fryer and apply enough oil on the food to get the desired browning.
    However, keep in mind that you cannot cook anything in liquid consistency in the air fryer. So, you might want to make solid batter for the food you cook in air fryer.
    You can also check the recipe book that comes along with the appliance for ideas and inspiration.
    Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer Review
  • Uneven cooking
    In order to ensure even cooking of food, shake the basket frequently. Air fryers are not as hands-off as the companies claim.
    Also, do not stuff the basket with too much food. The hot air has to pass and circulate through the food. So, try to cook at a time food of quantity 20-30% less than the mentioned capacity so that it is evenly cooked.
  • Food loses moisture
    Food usually gets dehydrated when you apply too less oil on the food or when you cook it for too long. Fish and meat has natural fat and hence the only reason why it loses moisture is because of over cooking. For fries, you will have to apply enough oil to ensure that they come out crispy on the outside and soft and tender inside. (Please note that applying too much oil will make the food lose its crispness too.)
    Till you get a hang of it, keep a constant watch on the food you put in the air fryer to prevent burning and over cooking.
  • Food is not crispy
    Ensure that you have preheated the air fryer for 3 minutes.
    Vegetables generally do not become crisp even in a deep fryer. Other than that, if you cook high fat content food, it will not be crispy enough.
    Lightly brush meat and fish with oil.
    For home made snacks, add oil to the breadcrumbs for making it crispy.
    Also take care to shake the basket frequently while cooking.

General Care

  • Always spray oil to the basket before cooking so that food does not get stuck to the basket.
  • Always preheat the appliance for 3 minutes.
  • Prestige recommends cooking 100gm to 500gm food at a time in the air fryer. Cooking more than the recommended quantity may harm the device. Also, over stuffing the basket would result in uneven cooking.
    Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer Review
  • As for cleaning, remove any food particles stuck to the basket or the pan and soak it in warm soap water for at least 30 minutes before scrubbing it with a non-abrasive brush/scrub.
    Ensure that you clean the air fryer only after it cools down(it will take at least 30-45 minutes for the air fryer to cool down. )

Value For Money

When you compare apples to apples, the competing product offering similar features is Philips HD 9230/26 (its features are better than Prestige PAF 1.0 though) and it costs more than twice of what Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer costs. Moreover, Prestige provides additional cooking accessories along with the Air fryer. When you buy it online, you can get a 30% discount on its MRP too. Hence, you can very well say that Prestige PAF 1.0 offers the best value for money spent.

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